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Canon USA

Defakto works with Canon USA

1.1 Canon USA

Exploring new directions

Seeing an established brand through a new lens As Canon U.S.A., Inc. leads the industry in digital imaging solutions through innovation and quality, Defakto utilized our UX and UI methodologies to quickly create a front-end website prototype to reflect their new brand goals and highlight a new product offering. This allowed us to streamline the creative approval phase and expedite delivery through the whole project using an enhanced Agile process

Defakto expands the Canon brand
  • Canon leveraged Defakto’s UX expertise in modular prototyping
  • Defakto helped Canon portray their specialties online
  • Defakto worked with Canon to expand its online experience


Defakto is a longtime partner of Spectrum

1.1 Spectrum

Merging two brands under a unified voice

Defakto has created digital experiences for Spectrum/Time Warner Cable that have cultivated in raising awareness of a unified brand while always keeping a transactional approach in mind. As a long-time partner, Spectrum continues to leverage Defakto’s capabilities in building and strengthening customer relationships in the world of TV, Internet and Voice with strategic consulting, Adobe Experience Manager development and UX/UI design.

Defakto helps build the Spectrum brand online
  • Spectrum leverages Defakto’s skilled developers
  • Defakto assists with Spectrum’s promotional deals

Abilene Christian University

Defakto works with Abilene Christian University

1.3 Abilene Christian University (ACU)

On campus, Online, On your terms

Whether you’re an undergrad first-year student or a working professional furthering your education with a graduate degree, Abilene Christian University understands student life experience can mean many things to many people. It’s with that lens that ACU has engaged Defakto to create technology enabled platforms to empower student programs that are adaptable, flexible and accessible.

ACU reached out to Defakto in revamping their website
  • Defakto provided research, UX/UI and skilled developers
  • Defakto conducted a full website audit for ACU’s rebrand

Dallas Museum of Art

Defakto has worked with the Dallas Museum of Art

1.4 Dallas Museum of Art (DMA)

Exhibiting a new perspective

As part of an initiative to get a better understanding of the museum's visitors and their interests, the DMA engaged Defakto to perform a data mining analysis that allowed us to gain new insights on increasing engagement. We then created a visitor-focused data methodology that would allow us to understand visitor segments with the goal to strengthen long-term visitor engagement. Our solution brought data science into the world of art.

DMA engaged Defakto's data science knowledge
  • Defakto conducted a data mining analysis for DMA